Released July 23, 2020

Venock Inc. Paves the Way for First Universal Large Bore Vascular Closure System Designed for Veins and Arteries

New York (U.S.A.) / Munich (Germany), July 23, 2020 – Privately held medical technology company Venock, Inc., headquartered in New York City, with the subsidiary Venock Medical GmbH in Munich, Germany, announced that it has expanded the design of its large bore venous closure system to also be effective at high pressure conditions for closure of large bore arterial perforations.

Venock is developing a vascular closure system for large bore punctures in vessels following transvenous catheter-based therapies like atrial ablations, leadless pacemaker implantations and various structural heart therapies such as Mitral- and Tricuspid- Valve repair and replacement. Additionally, the Venock device will close large bore arterial access sites left by, percutaneous aortic valve implantations (TAVI), catheter based ventricular assist devices and pulmonary assist systems (ECMO). All such therapies are facing growing demand and require large bore vascular access, with sites that can be as big as the diameter of the vessel itself.

“We invested a great deal of effort to expand our large bore venous closure technology to include closure of large bore arterial perforations. Venock is developing the first universal large bore closure device for veins and arteries. We will plan our first IDE clinical study to enroll 120 patients with large bore venous interventional procedures in 10 clinical centers with a 30 day follow up.” Explains Terry Barnes, CEO of Venock.