Released July 21, 2021

Venock Reports Safety/Efficacy of Its Automated Closure Device for Large Bore Venous Access Sites as Alternative to Standard Manual Compression of Veins/Arteries in Interventional Procedures

New York (U.S.A.) / Munich (Germany), July 21, 2021 – Venock announced today it has successfully completed the demonstration of safety and efficacy of its large bore closure system in animal studies.

Venock is developing a vascular closure system for large bore punctures (up to 30 Fr and larger) in vessels following transvenous catheter-based therapies such as atrial ablations, leadless pacemaker implantations, ECMO, and various structural heart therapies such as Mitral- and Tricuspid- Valve Repair and Replacement. The Venock device (see animation) was successfully used in multiple acute porcine studies to percutaneously close large bore access sites in the jugular vein. These access sites, whose diameter were as large as the vein itself, were immediately closed in a blood-tight manner without disrupting the venous blood flow or causing a stenosis.

“The Venock device is designed to attain large bore venous closure in under a minute, thus saving time and money, while significantly reducing patient discomfort and time to discharge when compared to the recovery time from manual compression,” said Prof. Dr. Horst Sievert, CardioVascular Center, Frankfurt.

About Venock Inc.

Venock Inc. is a privately held US medical device company headquartered in New York City, with a subsidiary Venock Medical GmbH in Munich. Its Vascular Closure Device is designed to close very large perforations that can be as big as the diameter of the operable vein or artery.

CAUTION: The Venock system is not approved for sale or investigational use.